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Five-Day Intensive Treatment
Many families who are living with an attachment disordered
child may be most appropriately treated with Intensive
therapy followed by continued contact. The Five-Day Intensive
is designed for families needing work more intensive than is
provided in ongoing, weekly therapy.  The goal of treatment is
the same, however, to repair/create the mother-child
attachment.  This is done using the treatment
modalities/techniques as seen on
Our Services page.  Ours is a
treatment designed to meet the physiological, neurological,
emotional, and psychological needs of those in our client
family.  Each family is different and, therefore, will be
treated with the interventions to best meet their needs.

In order for the family to take part in a Five-Day Intensive,
an assessment packet must be completed and returned to
ACO.  ACO will review the information and contact the family
regarding their appropriateness for an Intensive.

In order for a family to be appropriate for an Intensive,
several factors must be present.  First, there must be a
committed, dedicated mother willing to put in the time and
energy, during the Intensive and at home, to build her
relationship with her child/children.  Second, members of the
family must be willing to address their own attachment issues,
should they exist.  Third, there must be a support
network/person at home who is willing to enter into the
treatment program with the mother and child.  This person
may be a family member, but does not have to be.  Finally, the
family must commit to follow-up contact with ACO or a
hometown therapist that is deemed qualified to follow-up and
communicate with ACO.

The primary vehicle for change in the family and child is having
the attachment cycle, the cycle of unmet needs, completed
repeatedly during sessions.  The completion of this cycle can
produce affective and behavioral regulation, the beginnings of
an attachment relationship, and the decrease in symptomatic
behaviors.  At ACO this is or goal.  We believe that with the
proper treatment, even the most severe disorder can be
diminished.  We believe that the remedy for permanent change
is with the family at home, thus making treatment very cost
effective in the long run.  

Behavior will change only after the basic deficit in attachment
needs of both mother and child is addressed.

Five-Day Program:
The Five-Day Intensive program is a daily, 3-4 hour session
with 2 therapists and the family for 5 consecutive weekdays.  
Parents are considered co-therapists and will be actively
involved in the treatment process.  Although the flat rate
remains the same, the hours involved working with a family may
change each day depending on the family’s needs and the
resistance to the treatment.  Follow-up contact is included in
the flat rate.

The cost for the Intensive is $4000.00 (as of July 1, 2008).  
There is a $25.00 application fee, paid when the assessment
packet is returned to ACO, which is applied toward the
Intensive if the family participates.   Payment for services
from Attachment Consultants of the Ozarks is the sole
responsibility of the family.  Full payment is due at the time of
service.  We can provide a receipt for services rendered that
families can provide to their insurance company or keep for
tax documentation.  Insurance filing services are not available
from ACO therapists for the Intensive.  We will accept
letters of financial commitment from State & Federal
adoption assistance programs.  At this time, we do not accept
credit cards.

**WE do not and cannot guarantee any level of success in
dealing with a particular client.  Fees, therefore, are paid as
consideration for the specialized treatment provided by
trained and experienced therapists, not particular results
with any client.

For additional information or to receive an assessment packet,
please contact us by
email or by phone.
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