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Attachment is on a continuum-from those most securely
attached to those most severely attachment disordered

Healing occurs best when the whole family (mom, dad,
children, grandparents, etc.) is involved in treatment.

Healing is achieved through the use of a variety of treatment
modalities and techniques, as best defined by the needs of
each individual family.

No one is too old to heal-this belief is supported by research.

Obtaining an Attachment Check-up after a new child has
joined your home should be a required medical visit-just like
visiting the pediatrician.

Optimal results are not achieved through traditional “talk”
therapy alone.   Research supports the belief that play alone
does not work.

The therapists at ACO have each developed a way of
successfully working with difficult clients.  Although we may
use different techniques and approaches, we all subscribe to
attachment theory as the organizing construct which
underlies our work.  ACO therapists are each unique, just like
our clients, and we use our differences to best meet each
individual’s needs.

Families dealing with Reactive Attachment Disorder and
other co-morbid disorders have a right to the most
appropriate, effective, up-to-date treatment available
provided by therapists trained and experienced in the

Where is ACO?

We are located in Springfield, Missouri.  It is a friendly, mid-
sized city-about 3 hours southeast of Kansas City, Missouri, 4
hours southwest of St. Louis, Missouri, and 2.5 hours east of
Tulsa, Oklahoma.  People move here from all over the country
to experience the advantages of big-city living in a small town
atmosphere.  We are home to Bass Pro (you may have heard of
it).  Springfield has access to lakes, shopping, and economy
lodging within a short driving distance.  The city is close to
Branson, a city full of activity for the whole family.

Located 45 min south of Springfield, Branson, Missouri, is a
popular vacation spot for families.  The choices for lodging
are numerous, both in Springfield and Branson.  You’ll find
economy hotels and resorts alike.  There is access to many
large lakes where fishing, boating, swimming, camping, etc., is
available.  The “Branson Strip” is home to all kinds of Las
Vegas type shows appropriate for the whole family, as well as
go-cart racing, a host of putt-putt golf locations, bumper
boats, and restaurants.  Branson boasts being home to 3
amusement parks (Silver Dollar City, Celebration City, and
WhiteWater).  It is also a great place to shop for antiques, or
new merchandise at one of the 3 outlet malls.  Branson has
something for everyone!!!
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