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ACO attachment therapists are trained to work with families who
experience problems from disrupted attachment.  In addition to
Reactive Attachment Disorder, our clients most often have been given
additional diagnoses of ODD, PTSD, Conduct Disorder, Separation
Anxiety, ADHD, developmental disorders, Autistic Disorders, Learning
Disorders, and other mood disorders.  All of our client’s have
experienced trauma, a single incident or chronic.

Research consistently supports the belief that abuse/neglect in the
period of the last trimester of pregnancy through the third year of life
causes structural and functional deficits in the child’s developing brain.  
And, the trauma that is experienced in these early years becomes stored
in a part of the brain that is very difficult to access.  The primary
caregivers main responsibility is to regulate the child’s emotions and
physiology, when this does not occur the child becomes problems with
attachment and dysregulated-a dysregulated child may exhibit the
behaviors/attitudes listed on the
Attachment Disorder page.  (See our
Workshop/Seminar page for more on “The Neurobiology of Attachment”
seminar available)

A great many of the families that come to us have been through a wide
array of treatment attempts.  However, it is most effective to work
with children while their disordered attachment is still subtle and the
behavioral/emotional acting-out has not become severe.  (Pleases refer
to the
What is Attachment Disorder page for subtle signs of attachment
problems.)  Many of our clients are adopted, either from within the
United States or internationally, although we have worked with birth
families. All those we treat have experienced trauma/loss that has
created a physiological dysregulation and pathological brain development
which is exhibited in many ways, such as in the inability to trust and a
negative belief system.

Our treatment always involves the child client and parents.  It is not
effective, in our experience, to work with the child alone.  (Traditional
therapy alone is not effective.)  We often involve the siblings and other
family members that can be supportive.  Often the siblings have been
abused/abused one another, as well as their mom, and the corrective
work that will be done should include all family relationships.  Often the
parents are at the end of their rope.  

Successful therapy with these disorders will involve facing the depths of
the feelings kept hidden, revisiting trauma with the child so as to
communicate that nothing is too big or too scary for us to deal with

At ACO we find that when parents are committed, empathetic, model the
expression of well-defended emotions, and willing to follow-through on
treatment recommendations, they will have success in treatment.

Attachment therapy at ACO involves many required components for
healing to occur.  We work to educate parents on the issues with which
their child is dealing.  We hope to help parents understand why their child
is acting like he/she is.  We provide parenting advice to help parents
create the most corrective environment possible.  Naturally, our client’s
resist reexperiencing and sharing the great pain and loss they have
experienced.  ACO therapists will suggest ways to increase a child’s
motivation for change.  Our clients have experienced trauma as early as
before birth.  These experiences cannot be dealt with by verbal
communication alone.  

Due to the complexity of the problems our clients face, we address
individual and family needs using a variety of treatment modalities and

- Renegotiation of the past through Inner child work
- Trauma Work
- Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
- Cognitive Restructuring
- Psychodrama
- Role-playing
- Healing through Narratives
- Object Relations Therapy
- Interactive Psychotherapy
- Insight-Oriented Therapy
- Body/Mind connection work
- Supportive Therapy
- Use of Up-to-date Brain research

Goals of treatment include, but are not limited to:  resolution of early
losses and trauma, self/other affect regulation, development of trust
and reciprocal relationships, giving up of control to parents, correct
distorted thinking patterns, and parent education.

Attachment Check-up:
Upon entering your family, obtaining an Attachment Check-up as part of
your child’s comprehensive wellness plan will enable you to assess his/her
level of attachment.   We will provide recommendations for the
home/school/daycare.  We will also make referrals for other
professional services (
Attachment therapy, Occupational therapy,
assessment with a Speech Pathologist) if necessary.  We recommend this
check-up be done within the first two months of placement.

The check-up will take less than two hours.  
Contact us by email or phone
for additional information.

To begin regularly scheduled treatment:
Contact ACO either by email or phone, 417.881.7151, to speak with a
therapist and schedule an initial assessment.  

Intensive Treatment Program:
For information regarding ACO’s Intensive Treatment Program, please
click on the Intensive Treatment site.

Marriage Intensive:
We offer a 2-Day Treatment Intensive for couples wanting to repair and
strengthen their relationships.  Small groups of couples come together to
support one another while working on their own “stuff”.  Therapy lasts
from 9:00am-4:00pm on a Friday and Saturday.  Please
contact ACO for
more information and dates.

We also offer:
-Mother-Child Attachment Therapy Group
-Adult Adoptees Group
-Postpartum Depression/Mother’s of High-Risk Infants Group

Consulting with other professionals:
ACO therapists are available for consultation and or intensive
therapeutic interventions with other therapists/professionals working
with families with attachment issues on a contractual basis.

Educational Seminars for Professionals and Parents:
Please see our Workshop/Seminar page.

Contact ACO by email or phone for office policies and fee schedule.
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Attachment is on a continuum-from those most
securely attached to those most severely
attachment disordered

Healing occurs best when the whole family
(mom, dad, children, grandparents, etc.) is
involved in treatment.

Healing is achieved through the use of a
variety of treatment modalities and
techniques, as best defined by the needs of
each individual family.

No one is too old to heal-this belief is
supported by research.

Obtaining an Attachment Check-up after a new
child has joined your home should be a required
medical visit-just like visiting the pediatrician.

Optimal results are not achieved through
traditional “talk” therapy alone.   Research
supports the belief that play alone does not

The therapists at ACO have each developed a
way of successfully working with difficult
clients.  Although we may use different
techniques and approaches, we all subscribe to
attachment theory as the organizing construct
which underlies our work.  ACO therapists are
each unique, just like our clients, and we use
our differences to best meet each individual’s

Families dealing with Reactive Attachment
Disorder and other co-morbid disorders have a
right to the most appropriate, effective, up-to-
date treatment available provided by
therapists trained and experienced in the
We Believe That . . .
We DO NOT use:
  • coercive holding
  • provoking
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